Al Soum Real Estate

Al Soum Real Estate

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Supervises the renting process, renewal of rentals and evacuation of units professionally and maintaining paper and electronic documentation for each apartment.

Keeping regular account for each tenant applying the advanced system of real estate to manage the properties as it has been tied up with the UAE electronic ID. of the emirates to ensure that the information on tenants is accurate.

Our leasing department renews lease contracts and attests them electronically without the need for referral to Sharjah municipality which has given us the authority to do so. Maintain the legal status for each apartment with regard to approval of the lease contact for each, and procuring a clearance certificate for each tenant.

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Flat No. M-3 PO Box: 30233 - UAE, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Tel: +971 6 5445569
Mob: +971 6 5445569


+971 6 5500752

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